International Tongue Twister Day – Second Sunday in November

International Tongue Twister Day is a fun and light-hearted observance celebrated annually on the second Sunday in November. The day is dedicated to the art of tongue twisters, which are words or phrases that are difficult to say, especially when spoken quickly and repeatedly. The origins of International Tongue Twister Day are unknown, but the … Read more

National Handmade Day – First Saturday in April

National Handmade Day

When is National Handmade Day? National Handmade Day is celebrated on the first Saturday of April.  It is a day dedicated to celebrating the value and beauty of handmade items. It is an opportunity to recognize and appreciate the hard work, skill, and creativity that goes into crafting items by hand and to support artisans … Read more

National One Cent Day – April 1

national one cent day

What is National One Cent Day? National One Cent Day is a day dedicated to celebrating the humble penny. Despite being the smallest and least valuable coin in the US currency, the penny has a long and intriguing history that deserves recognition. A Brief History of the penny The penny, also known as a one-cent … Read more

The Top 10 Epic Party Bus Themes for an Awesome Experience

Want to throw a unique party at your next event? Then the party bus is a good idea that you should consider! Upgrade the celebration with an exciting experience you and your friends will remember forever by renting a party bus! Ready the guestlists now while we introduce you to the joy of getting a … Read more

The 15 Best Mystery Games for Adults to play at your next Game Night

mystery games for adults

Imagine a night where all your guests are enjoying – their blood pumping with the excitement that they can’t contain because of the challenging mystery games that you’ve prepared for your game night. Sounds interesting right? But, finding the perfect mystery game that will keep your guests interested is a must-have to ensure that you’ll … Read more