50 Best April Fools’ Day Pranks

April Fools is right around the corner, that time when we make fun of each other and get a healthy laugh. The day you get to be a prankster and no one will complain… well, they will but since it’s a widely recognized holiday you’ll get a hall pass. Celebrated on the first day of April in western countries this holiday is loved and loathed by many equally. 

Best April Fools Day Pranks 50

Have you decided what your April Fools Prank is going to be this year yet? If you haven’t we have a couple of options here for you. And if you have already, what could hurt into looking into a couple more?

Check out our list, you may find some more fun ones here than you had already thought of yourself.  We have April fool’s day pranks for everybody; for the kids, for the office, for the siblings and for the friends you love and the ones you don’t love so much.

As you prank this holiday remember that your loved ones may feel differently about the prank, so try not to go too far with the meanness if you are not absolutely certain they will be fine when you yell April Fools, or else you may end up the April fool. This April 1st, we urge you to prank responsibly.

50 Best April Fools’ Day Pranks

  1. Anti-Prank Donuts – Take a box of donuts to the office, or any other type of delicious food you know the office buddies love. Make sure they are packaged so they can see what’s inside. Write a note and attach it to the goodies saying “April Fools!” Everybody will be thinking they don’t want to fall for your prank and leave the goodies alone – which just means more goodies for you throughout the day!
  2. Copier Prank – Tape a photo of someone or something to the inside of the copier at the top. Nobody looks there when they are going to make copies. With the right placement, you can get the person’s eyes from the pictures to be printed at the top or bottom of your co-worker’s pages.
  3. Arm with Alarms – this is one of those silly pranks you can play on your sibling. Place alarm clocks all of their room. Set each alarm clock to go off at a different time and with different sounds if you can.
  4. Cat Attack – if you can find a walkie-talkie or a baby monitor you can hide it in a weird place and start meowing into it. They will hear the sound and start looking for the cat, this is even a better prank if you don’t have cats at home.
  5. Penny Mania – Start the day before by placing a couple pennies here and there. This is a great prank for kids to play on their parents. Be very random with your penny placement and make sure you are paying attention to when they take them up. Keep placing more and more pennies over time and place them in even weirder places.
  6. My Apps won’t open! – Screenshot the background of their phone’s home screen and then remove all the icons from their home screen. Replace the current wallpaper and watch them go crazy when nothing opens when they try to.
  7. PUSH/PULL prank – print out the opposite sign for your door and paste it on. Then watch everyone frantically do the opposite of what they should be doing to get into the building. This is one of those April Fool’s Day Pranks that will give you loads of entertainment all day.
  8. Sneeze snot – Bring a plant mister or any spray bottle that is clean of all chemicals. Fill it with a bit of water and walk behind people pretending to sneeze while you spray their necks with the bottle. This is best used on people you know, you don’t want to get clobbered by an unassuming stranger.
  9. Ye Old Shaving Cream Prank – play this trick on your sleeping buddy. Place shaving cream into their hand and then tickle their nose. If you don’t have shaving cream or if you are also a nice friend who wants to give them a tasty treat, then you can choose whipped cream.
  10. Peanut Brittle Anti-Prank – this is another food prank that is not an actual prank that will leave you alone with the goodies once again. Offer them your peanut brittle but snicker and be all weird when you do. They will probably think you have a prank in your candy jar and won’t want any. The jokes on them this April Fool’s Day!
  11. Face Swap Photos – There are many face-swapping apps you can use to change your family photos, reprint the photos and replace the photos around the house and see how long it takes your mom to notice. We can’t promise you that you won’t be grounded after this one, but we are sure it will be fun!
  12. Frozen Cereal – this is a nice little prank on the kiddos, we understand that moms everywhere want to give their kids a nice little prank this time around. Just imagine them digging into a bowl of frozen milk on April Fools morning.
  13. Jell-O Cups – Another great prank to play on the kids this April Fools day is to make these Jell-O cups complete with straws sticking out of the Jell-O. Let them run by and grab a cup only to find they can’t get any juice up through the straw. They will probably be a little frustrated and think the straw doesn’t work before they realize that there is no juice and instead Jell-O. The good part of the prank is we are sure they will enjoy eating the Jell-O as much as they would enjoy having the juice.
  14. Beware of Bug – Have a family member, friend or colleague that you know is scared of bugs? Label a cup with “Do not open unless you plan to kill it” and place the cup upside down as if there is a bug beneath it. You could also opt to write a note to leave inside for a brave person saying “April Fools!” or “gotchya!”
  15. The Fizzing Ice Cube – Drop some Mentos into each ice cube in the tray and then serve up some drinks with fizzing ice cubes. This is a great sibling or a prank for teenagers as these drinks can be a sort of a time bomb served up in their favorite glass of soda.
  16. Keyboard Grass Garden – if you have time on your hands for an elaborate prank on a coworker then this is the one. This is not a free or cheap prank either but if you are a master prankster you can plant a small grass garden in your coworker’s keyboard.
  17. Cart Park Spot – This is a great prank to play on your husband. Send him to the store at a time you know the parking lot will be empty. Take an assistant who will help you encompass his car with shopping carts. Imagine his frustration when he gets out to see his car, stay close so you can see his reaction.
  18. Caramel Onions Anyone? – Instead of serving up Candid Apples why not serve up a treat of Caramel onions to your party guests on April Fool’s day. Your party is going to be the talk of the town for the best silly pranks this year.
  19. Contact Switcheroo – This is similar to the face swap and changing of home screen April fools day pranks. This is an ideal April fools pranks for school. Get a friends phone and change up some of the names in their contact lists then have those people call the friend. They will be wondering who these people are calling them and why their numbers are stored in their phone.
  20. The In-laws are coming! – A great April fools pranks for a husband or a wife is if you convince them that their in-laws are coming over and will be spending an entire month. This should be especially hilarious if you know your other half can’t stand to be around your folks for a weekend let alone a whole month.
  21. Have His Boss Fake Fire Him – this is a great prank for a wife to pull on a husband but you can pull it on your coworkers as well. As long as you are in good with their boss like that.
  22. Sick Pet Adoption – Find a picture of the sickest looking animal you can find and show to your spouse indicating to them that you have adopted the furry critter. This should be funnier to witness for those who are not animal people or who stay at home and would be the primary caregiver of the adoptee.
  23. The Soap bar Swap-a-roo – paint a soap bar with clear nail polish. This will prevent the soap from creating a sud when someone tries to use it. They will call for help and you can come in with your identical soap bar which has not been tampered with and show them that it works just fine.
  24. You have been warned! – Make sure to leave hints days prior to April Fools Days so everybody is expecting you to prank them. Then when the day comes around you do nothing. Everybody will be on edge wondering when they will be the victim of your prank.
  25. Decide to move halfway across the world – on April fool’s day or a couple days before announcing that you will be moving halfway across the world. Find the weirdest named place you are sure nobody has ever heard about and wish your family members goodbye.
  26. The Second Remote – if you have a second remote, wait till a loved one or family member is watching their favorite show and then change the channels. If they correct it, keep discreetly doing it.
  27. I bet you can’t do this! – Tell your unaware prey that you can balance two glasses of water on your hands with your palms down. Dare them to try and do it too. Help them by setting the glasses in place and then leave them alone. They will either have to stay there all day or they will have to spill the liquid to get out of the position.
  28. Autocorrect rubbish – A great April Fool’s Day prank is to change some of the predictive text words in their phone. Choose words that you know they use often or pre-empt them with a question and watch them go crazy trying to figure out why they can’t text what they really want to say.
  29. Your car’s been totaled! – To play this prank on a friend, take a picture of their parked car and download the “dude your car” app. The app will help you to total their car then you can share the picture. Just ensure your friend doesn’t have any heart problems before you play this prank.
  30. Rearrange their drawer – This is a great prank for spouses, you get to watch them be totally confused on April Fools morning as they try to figure out where all their stuff are while they are still half asleep.
  31. Orange Juice please – Use the cheese packet from a macaroni and cheese box and mix it into a pitcher of water. It will look just like orange juice.
  32. Treats in their desk drawers – Print out a scary picture and leave this in your coworker or spouse’s desk drawer. Ensure you leave it in a drawer they use every day so you don’t lose your chance of them finding in ton April Fool’s Day.
  33. Money on the sidewalk – if you can see the sidewalk from your office or home you can have some fun on the members of the public that pass by. Tape some money or a credit card to the pavement and watch as people try to take it up.
  34. Your 1st ticket – this April fools prank for kids is ideal for your teenagers. Leave them a fake ticket on their windshield with a $250 fine. You can make this prank go on for a while and let them sweat about how they are going to come up with the money to pay for it.
  35. Everything is watching – add googly eyes to all the items in your refrigerator. This is one of those April fools pranks for kids that is ideal for your children 9 years of age and under. They will think this is hilarious and it is not a mean kind of April fools prank.
  36. Brown E’s for Brownies – Tell your kids you’ve baked brownies but instead purchase some brown cartridge paper and cut brown letter e’s out. Place these in a baking tin and cover with foil paper and watch their excitement and anticipation turn into laughter or possibly frowns and tantrums.
  37. Ketchup on a string – this is a nice silly prank that you can pull on your kids if you are serving them hotdogs or anything else that they like to have with ketchup. Rig the ketchup bottle to squirt out a string and serve them their hotdogs. Again, you may be met with laughter or you may be met with upset kids. You have been warned.
  38. We’re moving! – Put up a for sale sign on your front yard and when the kids or the spouse asks what’s going on tell them you’re moving. Choose a place that is far, remote, country or somewhere they have never heard of. Make the prank more elaborate by giving them a reason for why the move is so sudden and was never discussed.
  39. Veggie-Pops – This silly prank is great to play on your kids. Use broccoli florets and stick them on lollipop sticks. Cover with pretty paper to make the wrapper and serve them out to your kids while allowing them to think that they are lollipops.
  40. Moooom! The remote doesn’t work! – Cover your remote sensor with a small piece of tape. The kids won’t be able to get the TV to work and well, you’re probably going to end up with a headache when they start complaining.
  41. Mailbox surprise – If your kids regularly bring in the mail you can place a nice little surprise in there for them. It can be a funny surprise or a scary one but we recommend the latter. This silly prank can work well on kids of any age just keep their age and their fears in mind when choosing what your surprise is going to be.
  42. Cereal Switch-er-oo – Choose two boxes of cereal; one of their favorites and one of their not-so-favorites. Then switch the inside bags so their favorite cereal is actually in the not-so-favorite box. You don’t have to purchase a cereal you know they are not going to eat to complete these prank, instead use your cereal if they don’t like it or use a cereal they don’t like that you are certain you will eat so this doesn’t end up as a waste of money.
  43. How did I get here? – When your kids are sleeping on the night before April fools, switch them into their sibling’s rooms being careful not to wake them up. They will wake up wondering how they got there the next morning.
  44. Cheetos Swap out – To play this prank on your kids, you will need to open the bottom of the snack pack. Empty out all the Cheetos and replace with carrot sticks instead. Reseal the bottom of the snack pack and place it so they won’t be able to tell that their snack was tampered with.
  45. It’s raining confetti – If you have ceiling fans, turn them off and place confetti on top of the blades. When they turn the fans back on there will be confetti everywhere. This prank may just be on you though if you have to clean up the mess.
  46. Why do we have so much…? – Fill your freezer or fridge with just one item. To make the prank even funnier ensure it is an item that your significant other does not enjoy. Watch their despair when all they have to eat on April 1st is the one food item they hate the most.
  47. Adult diapers for sale – put an ad out with a ridiculous item for sale and forward the calls to their number. This will have them these calls all day wondering what the hell is going on. This is best done if they don’t have a busy day at work – you don’t want them getting frustrated and misbehaving in the office.
  48. Change their language – Change the language on their phones or on their browsers the night before when they are sleeping. They will wake up and start to go about their day and will probably think it’s a google prank and will be back soon. Jokes on them as throughout the day they will find that their devices are still all set to Finnish.
  49. Hard Boiled – This is a great April Fool’s prank for mom or wife… or should we say on them? Take all the eggs from the refrigerator and boil them. When they are cool you now place them back into the fridge. On April fool’s day watch your mom or spouse try to crack them for scrambling or frying and give you and the entire family a great laugh.
  50. Sponge Cake – Serve up an April Fools prank for dessert in the form of sponge cake, not the tasty kind but actual sponge. Get some sponge at the store and decorate it with frosting and sprinkles and serve it up. This is a great April Fool’s prank for your husband.

Have fun this April Fool’s day with these and other pranks but remember everybody’s sense of humor is different so instead of going all out, think about the person you will be pranking before you play a particular silly prank on them.