100 Adult Halloween Party Names: Themes & Ideas for your next Halloween Party

If you’re getting ready to brew a spooky and exciting Halloween Party, then you’re in luck because we’re here to help you with the fun! Aside from planning the food, hanging scary decorations, or preparing creative costumes, you must not forget to think of an inviting Halloween party name that will boost the curiosity of your party guests! 

Ready your pen (or laptop), and let’s get to business! Join us with a brief article that will help you discover many creative adult Halloween party names, games, and ideas that will excite your guests for the event. These Halloween party ideas can easily be adapted for kids and teens too!

Halloween Party Preparation

To host the best Halloween party, consider preparing the following things:

  1. Venue – How many people will fit in your venue? Is it indoor or outdoor? Is the party space good for interactive and physical games or just for some tone-down party with cards and food? Considering the size of your venue will help you determine who to invite, and how many people to include in your guest list.
  2. Guest list – whether you’re planning a small or big party – inviting the right people will help you host the most exciting and memorable Halloween bash. Make sure to include people who are fun to be with, loves playing games, and can be an entertainer on their own. 
  3. Spooky Decorations – set the mood by filling your venue with the best decorations that will match your theme. 
  4. Food & Beverage – ready easy-to-eat snacks and other food that will keep the party going. Look for something that everyone can enjoy whether it’s a sit-down or standing Halloween party.
  5. Halloween Party Games – having a good list of fun Halloween theme party games is a great way to keep people entertained.
adult halloween party names

100 Adult Halloween Party Names & Theme Ideas

To make your next Halloween party preparation easier, we’ve gathered the following party name ideas & themes that you can consider. 

  1. Wicked Brew Bash (Beer party)
  2. Spookzilla
  3. Ghoul’s Night Out (Girls’ night out inspired party)
  4. Bloody Ball 
  5. Fright Night 
  6. Fang-tastic Night (Snakes, vampires, and every fanged monster)
  7. Time to Bite 
  8. Ghouls Gala
  9. Martinis Midnight
  10. Monsterrific Masquerade
  11. Ghostly Gala (party with your craziest ghost costume and scariest ghost stories)
  12. Haunted House of Horrors 
  13. Halloween Boo Party
  14. Grim Night
  15. Horror Films Night 
  16. Spook-a-thon (movie marathon of the best horror films)
  17. Witches Wine Night 
  18. Costumes & Creepy Cocktails
  19. Jack O’ Lantern Feast (ready all your hidden talent for a pumpkin carving contest)
  20. Fear Factor
  21. Psycho Party
  22. Who wants to be a murderer? (game show-inspired Halloween party, try this murder mystery party games)
  23. A Haunting on ______ 
  24. Hunting Party (this Halloween celebration features a scavenger hunt where you track down your prey)
  25. Boo-some Brew Party
  26. Night of the Living Dead
  27. Hallo-wine Night
  28. Haunted Street
  29. Demons and Donuts
  30. Angels & Devils
  31. Witchfest
  32. Psycho Gang Night 
  33. Deadly Dance Night
  34. Boombastic Halloween Bash
  35. Deadly Disco (party night of dancing)
  36. BeWitching Ball
  37. Thrilla in ______
  38. Helloween
  39. Voodoo Boys Night Out
  40. Eat, Drink & Be Scary
  41. Boos & Brews
  42. Scare-nival Party
  43. Phantom of the Halloween
  44. Fangtastic Night of the Dead
  45. All Hallow’s Dance Gala
  46. Deadly Costume Party
  47. Masquerade of Monsters (dress up in your favorite monster costume, include a Monster Mash recipe)
  48. Ghostly Gathering
  49. Creepy Encounter
  50. Vampires & Vodka
  51. Beary Scary Bash
  52. MonSTAR Party
  53. The House of Monsters
  54. Killer Dance Floor (get ready for a night of dancing and have a killer costume contest dressing up as your favorite killers from horror movies)
  55. Thrilla Villa
  56. Poltergeist Potluck
  57. Satanic Soiree (a fun Halloween party theme that is about “raising hell”)
  58. BOO Ballroom
  59. Night of Monsters
  60. Wizard of Oz
  61. Harry Poker (perfect for poker-themed Halloween party)
  62. Howl-O-Ween
  63. Queen Killer 
  64. Spirit of the Wine
  65. Jack O’ Lantern Jam Night
  66. Dance the Scare Away
  67. Eat, Dance & Die
  68. Abracacadaver
  69. BOO-wling Party
  70. Haunted Showdown
  71. Carnival of Grim
  72. Creepy Celebrity
  73. Night of Tim Burton (come in your best costume featuring characters from Tim Burton’s movies)
  74. Monsters in Black
  75. Franken Party
  76. Beastly Blowout
  77. Mad Masquerade
  78. Bloody Barbecue
  79. Dance of the Dead
  80. The Witching Hour
  81. Spooktacular Soiree
  82. Scary Movies Mash
  83. The Pumpkin Patch (perfect for outdoor Halloween party)
  84. The Howling Halloween Party
  85. Chilla Costume Carnival
  86. Trick-or-Tequila
  87. Bloody Drunk Night
  88. Cheers for Fears
  89. The Witching Hour
  90. Horror House
  91. Giants & Ghouls
  92. Scream Saturday
  93. Wig it (a fun party idea that only requires a cheap wig like this one)
  94. Night of the Hungry Hound
  95. Foxy Lady’s Night Out (aka a mummy’s Halloween party)
  96. Fangs for the Memories
  97. Bite Night with the Monsters
  98. Aliens & Monsters
  99. Zombie Survival Night (Have you planned for the zombie apocalypse? Why not make a survival night out of it?)
  100. Evil Kid’s Characters (Can you imagine a Halloweenified Blippi? Get popular Halloween-themed kid’s costumes (adult-sized) and redecorated them as evil, dark, dead, etc.)

Halloween Party Checklist

  • Halloween Party Invitation
  • Ready-made Halloween invitations
  • Personalized using Canva or other free platforms
  • E-invitation that you can customize with your details
  • Food & Drinks
  • Appetizers that are easy to carry while walking or playing
  • Sit-down meals that are easy to prepare like pasta, pizza, or chicken
  • Order online to avoid heavy preparation
  • Desserts can be prepared ahead of time or you can purchase them online 
  • Potluck is a good idea too just make sure to inform your guests ahead of time
  • Punch bowl for a classic fruit punch
  • Coolers for your canned or bottled beverages such as sodas, beer, or bottled cocktails
  • Look up other delicious recipes for this spooky season
  • Other items etc
  • Tissue and disposable utensils
  • Disposable serving ware or paper plates 
  • Tablecloths that will match your theme
  • Loot bags and party favors for kids
  • Setting the venue
  • Paper lanterns
  • Fake blood
  • Jack O’ Lantern
  • Plastic decorations like knives, masks, bats, bodies, or skull
  • Candles
  • Speaker and spooky music
  • Cameras 
  • Hanging decorations like webs or fake animals
  • Fog machines

Scaringly Good Food Ideas

Your Halloween party will be memorable when you prepare amazing dishes that your guests will love. Here’s a list of spooktacular Halloween food ideas that you can wow your guests.

  • Nacho dip – use thin sour cream lines to draw spider webs 
  • Deviled eggs – go crazy with the decorations that will make it spooky like sliced olives for eyes and ketchup for blood.
  • Chicken pot pie – instead of just covering it with pastry, cut the crust into scary shapes like hands, eyes, or heart. Drizzle it with hot sauce for blood.
  • Candy corn cupcakes – you can bake your cupcake or go for store-bought that you can decorate with candy corns. 
  • Meat loaves – bake your favorite meatloaf recipe on a cupcake cup for a handy size and pipe it with mashed potatoes to make them look like mummies. 
  • Marshmallow lollipops – use your imagination and colored chocolates to decorate marshmallows on lollipop sticks. Dip it on white chocolate and add sprinkles or candy eyes to make them look like monsters.
  • Actual Finger Foods – think “pigs in a blanket” but with wrapped hotdogs to look like warted fingers.
  • Candy apples – color your syrup and make the candy apples look poisoned. You can also stick some gummy worms on the apples. 
  • Bloody Mary – find disposable syringes and fill them with bloody mary 
  • Jell-O shots – Look for dark-colored gelatine and prepare it according to instructions. You can also add vodka or your favorite alcohol. 
  • Cake pops – create your own set of monsters and creepy creatures using a classic cake pops recipe. Decorate them with candy eyes, corn cobs, and jellies for blood. 
  • Eye Can See You Cookies – this delicious recipe is for a chocolate cookie with many eyes. It’s a spooky edible table decoration for this time of year.

Halloween Invitation Wordings Ideas

Now that you have endless ideas or themes to consider for your next Halloween party, here are some invitation wording ideas to make it easier for you.

“Attentions boys and ghouls! 

We’re brewing some spooktacular party that will pump your blood.

You are invited to a night of scaringly good time”

“Get ready to boogie with your boo on a night of terror and brews!

You are invited to our annual Halloween bash___”

“Ghost and witches on the thrill of the night

Don’t miss the fun or we will bite

Come, oh come and join the fun

Bad luck’s waiting if you won’t come”

“Eat, Scream, and Party with us on ___”

“If you’re game for a Halloween scare

Join us on _________

And be ready to play”

“The wolves are howling

It’s time for a feast

Get your costumes ready

Or we’ll hunt you to play!”

“Leave the tricks at home

Bring your favorite snacks to share

Don’t forget to mingle 

Or the scary ghost will come knocking”

“Ready your broom and ride it to our 

Annual Halloween Bash happening on ____”

“The witches are brewing at our house and you’re invited!”

“Can you hear the wolves howling?

It’s my pet calling you to join us on _____

For a fun night of scary movies and delicious snacks”

There are endless ideas that you can try at your next Halloween party! You just have to plan early so you won’t rush and will have enough time to invite and inform your guests.

Giving yourself enough preparation time before your party is the key to a night of awesome games and feasting that everyone will enjoy! And don’t forget to use this list of Halloween party names to boost the excitement of your guests. 

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