7 Easy Ways to Help Someone in Need on National Good Samaritan Day

Also known as National Samaritan Involvement Day, the National Good Samaritan Day is celebrated on the 13th of March annually.  While we don’t know who created this national day we know who it honors.

National Good Samaritan Day honors the death of Catherin Genovese affectionally called “Kitty”. Miss Genovese was murdered on the night of March 13th, 1964 close to her New York City home. The murder was interrupted twice by witnesses but no one called the police.

The murder was successful on their third attempt and though the police were called it was too late for “Kitty”. If one person that night had chosen to be a Good Samaritan, her life could have been saved.

national good samaritan day

Be a Good Samaritan today, even though we can’t save Kitty, we can make a difference in someone’s life. Here are a couple of ways you can celebrate Good Samaritan Day by helping someone in need.

1. Donate to a Shelter

Take a quick look over your pantry and kitchen cupboards. Put together a box with food to donate to your nearest shelter. You can also go through your bathroom cupboards and add personal care items to your donation box.

To make this an ongoing thing, keep a box dedicated to donation in your garage and as you find things you can add them to the box. Once the box is full you can drop it off at your local shelter.

2. Donate Blood

This is not something we often think about when you consider the less fortunate. Blood banks always need blood and your gift will be greatly appreciated and account for lives saved. It’s a great way to give in the greater sense that you don’t know who will need it but it will be there when they do.

3. A Random Act of Kindness

This National Good Samaritan Day, be spontaneous and complete at least one random act of kindness. It can be big or small; could be paying for a stranger’s coffee or lunch or sending flowers to a random room at the local hospital.

4. Share About A Cause You Support

National Good Samaritan Day is a great day to share awareness about a cause that you are passionate about. This is especially true if the cause helps those who are less fortunate in some way, shape or form.

5. Bake Cookies

Bake your favorite cookies and give these out to neighbors or take them to work and offer them to your coworkers.

6. Feed the Homeless

If you are used to seeing homeless people on your route to or from work you can bring them a sandwich and bottled water. Though you will only be contributing to one meal, we are pretty sure they would appreciate it.

7. Ask someone how you can help

Sometimes the best help we can give is the help that someone needs the most. Oftentimes we know what the people closest to us need if we never ask. This year, ask someone what they need and see if it is a need you can fill.