National Let’s Laugh Day

March 19th is observed the world over as National Let’s Laugh Day. You should have heard the saying laughter is the best medicine” and this is without a doubt true when it is the blues that you are trying to treat.

But did you know that laughter does, in fact, boost your immune system? Studies show that this is, in fact, true and also shows that laughter helps you to relax and helps to relieve tension.

I don’t know about you but I know there are many times I need to relax and relieve tension.

Do you know also that laughter has the tendency to be contagious? There is talk that even fake laughing can have some amount of benefit.

Ever heard of laughter yoga? Yes, that is, in fact, a thing. This type of yoga engages the lungs, abdominal muscles, arms, and facial muscles.

You and a friend can get some good laughs in this National Let’s Laugh Day.

10 of the Funniest Videos on YouTube for this National Let’s Laugh Day

How can you celebrate this hilarious holiday? Here are a couple of YouTube videos that are sure to get you into stitches and get those laugh calories burned off.

1. How Many Ways Can You Spell “Pregnant”?

This 2-minute video is a great choice for National Let’s Laugh Day, it had me participating in laugh yoga just a couple seconds into it. I think I watched it twice before I started typing here and yes it is that type of funny that keeps you going back.

2. A Waffle Wedding

Here is a sweet video with a husband who is so excited to take his wife as his Waffley Wedded Wife … and “pancakey too!” The wife’s outburst of laughter is the best part. A great video to watch on National Let’s Laugh Day for foodies and wedding lovers alike!

3. Jigsaw Accident

Are you a “SAW” fan? Here is a laugh geared at your favorite character. We won’t ruin the joke. Go check out the video.

4. Funny Game Show Answers

Like to watch game shows? Here is a compilation of the funniest answers of all time from contestants on a variety of popular game shows. And wives, please don’t go buying your husbands halter tops!

5. Sulphur Hexafluoride Balloon

If you think how helium makes you sound is funny, then check out this video. Most interesting is the way he gets rid of the Sulphur hexafluoride from his lungs.

6. Hit the Brakes Tina!

Here is a fun mash-up of a video and an alternative audio overlay. It’s pretty funny, mostly because of the added audio – go check it out!

7. This Lizard wants His 5 Seconds of Fame

This is a short clip but it is quite funny, as they demonstrate a snake on TV the lizard decides the snake is getting too much time and jumps in on the action. Check out the host’s reaction to the lizard.

8. Camel’s Claim to Fame

Here is another creature wanting their couple seconds of fame. Watch this camel totally change the scene for this interview. Nope, you can’t do this interview right here!

9. Dog Talks

Here’s another fun video that is great to watch on National Let’s Laugh Day. You may laugh or you may find it cute, either way, it is sure to give you the fuzzies.

10. Let’s Limbo!

Care to limbo in the streets… check out this prank where unsuspected strangers are asked to engage in a limbo exercise and then left alone to be the laughing stock of the avenue.