National Quilting Day

Have you ever done any quilting? Quilting is a great way to pass the time, it is fun and relaxing and it allows you to create a handmade item that can be used to brighten someone’s life.

We all know how gifts that are handmade usually have an extra sentiment towards it. So this National Quilting Day, why don’t you start quilting or get back on the quilt making wagon.

National Quilting Day is celebrated on the 3rd Saturday in March each year. For 2019 this falls on the 16th of March. The day is celebrated all across the nation with special quilting classes, shows, open museums, and a lot more quilting related activities.

National Quilting Day came about in June 1991 after the National Quilting Association in Lincoln, Nebraska had their 22nd annual show. The resolution to pass National Quilting Day started after this event.

The day is used to show appreciation to the skill of quilt making and to all quilt makers that dedicate their time to the task. You can celebrate if you know a quilt maker, love quilting, love quilts, to pay homage to a relative who used to quilt or who still quilts – there really are so many reasons to celebrate the day.

Why Should You Start Quilting on National Quilting Day?

It can be a great way to give back – Make it a Service Day – Support the Happy Birth Day, Baby! Project. This year the holiday is being celebrated with this particular event.

The project was founded by the National Quilting Association and will be rekindled this year. You will be making a quilt for the first baby born in your local hospital on National Quilting Day.

This is just one project that can turn the day’s celebration into a service event. You can find other projects and can even create a project of your own by checking with your local rehabilitation facilities, children’s services and police and fire departments to see there is a need for quilts.

Educate the Younger Generation on Quilting

You can set up an exhibit at your local historical society, quilt shop, library or other public space. Here you can showcase tools for quilting, actual quilts you have made, books about quilting. You can also do quilting demonstrations and can even make your own literature to hand out to those interested in starting quilting.

Have a Quilting Class

If you are versed in quilting you could have a quilting class at your church, youth group, school, scout group session etc. You could spend the day with children in your family passing on your love for quilting. This is a great way to spend time with family and bridge the generational gap with children.

If you don’t have the time to engage in any of the above activities or you are new to quilting and don’t have enough know how to do any of the above you can always learn some quilting this National Quilting Day. Learn to quilt in the comfort of your home. Watch some Youtube videos, get yourself a pattern online and take some time to yourself and do this relaxing activity.