7 Easy Ways to Help Someone in Need on National Good Samaritan Day

national good samaritan day

Also known as National Samaritan Involvement Day, the National Good Samaritan Day is celebrated on the 13th of March annually.  While we don’t know who created this national day we know who it honors. National Good Samaritan Day honors the death of Catherin Genovese affectionally called “Kitty”. Miss Genovese was murdered on the night of … Read more

5 Easy Flowers to Maintain on National Plant A Flower Day

national plant a flower day

National Plant a Flower day is celebrated on the 12th of March. Yes, you read that right – National Plant a Flower Day. The day is dedicated to planting flowers on an annual basis as we look forward to spring. The origins of this holiday are very hard to trace but thankfully your task is … Read more

5 Best Waffles for National Oatmeal Nut Waffles Day

national oatmeal nut waffles day

National Oatmeal Nut Waffles day is celebrated on the 11th of March each year. It’s a day to celebrate a specific version of this breakfast staple that is a favorite in many American households. If you don’t already own a waffle iron, you should get one here!  Waffle irons are a great appliance to have … Read more

25 “MUST TRY” Tacos for Cinco de Mayo

25 Best Tacos for Cinco de Mayo

Tacos are as Mexican as Cinco de Mayo, well at least it seems so. So what would a great Cinco de Mayo celebration be without the best tacos this side of the border? Here are 25 of the best tacos for Cinco de Mayo we have come across the web. Oh wait, let’s not get … Read more