National Sloppy Joe Day

On the 18th of March each year we observe National Sloppy Joe Day. This tasty hot sandwich is an All American favorite and is made with the traditional ingredients of ground beef, brown sugar, tomato sauce, onions, maple syrup or cola and seasonings of your choice. It is often cooked up and served on a … Read more

National Puppy Day

National Puppy Day

National Puppy Day is a day to celebrate the love your puppy gives you – that unconditionally magical love. Show them they are special and appreciated this National Puppy Day by taking the time to make them some homemade puppy treats. These healthier options are packed with your hand and love and will be appreciated … Read more

National Ravioli Day

National Ravioli Day is celebrated annually on the 20th of March. This food holiday is loved by pasta lovers everywhere. It is often fried or baked but there is toasted ravioli as well which was started in St. Louis, Missouri. Enjoy Ravioli any day of the year as this traditional Italian filled pasta can be … Read more

National Let’s Laugh Day

March 19th is observed the world over as National Let’s Laugh Day. You should have heard the saying laughter is the best medicine” and this is without a doubt true when it is the blues that you are trying to treat. But did you know that laughter does, in fact, boost your immune system? Studies … Read more

National Fragrance Day

National Fragrance Day

It’s March and many of us are looking forward to spring. With March comes also National Fragrance Day which is celebrated on the 21st day of the month. People have been enjoying fragrances from as far back as ancient times. We couldn’t pinpoint a day that the celebration of National Fragrance Day started though but … Read more

7 Easy Ways to Help Someone in Need on National Good Samaritan Day

national good samaritan day

Also known as National Samaritan Involvement Day, the National Good Samaritan Day is celebrated on the 13th of March annually.  While we don’t know who created this national day we know who it honors. National Good Samaritan Day honors the death of Catherin Genovese affectionally called “Kitty”. Miss Genovese was murdered on the night of … Read more