St. Patrick’s Day Matcha Ice Cream Smoothies!

Green Matcha Ice Cream Smoothies

Every March 17, St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated in memory of the late Irish saint all over the world. It’s an annual festivity where parades, Irish traditional music sessions and the wearing of green attire or shamrocks are observed by many people, especially in Ireland. During these days, the color green is very vibrant in … Read more

50 Best April Fools’ Day Pranks

Best April Fools Day Pranks 50

April Fools is right around the corner, that time when we make fun of each other and get a healthy laugh. The day you get to be a prankster and no one will complain… well, they will but since it’s a widely recognized holiday you’ll get a hall pass. Celebrated on the first day of … Read more

10 Cheap Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Cheap Valentines Day Date Ideas

Strapped for cash this Valentine’s Day or simply on a budget? You’ll be happy to find that Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to break your bank.  I’m sure you know by now that you can have a fun and cheap date. I mean that is how you got here right? Yes, you can easily arrange an … Read more

7 Best Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorials

Best Valentines Day Makeup Tutorials

Valentine’s Day is a day when every woman wants to look her best. Even when you don’t have a Valentine you may still be in the mood for going all out with your looks for that day right? Why not take your makeup look up a notch by choosing one of these Valentine’s Day Makeup … Read more

Valentine’s Day Red Velvet Crinkles

red velvet crinkles recipe 1

The month of love is among us, and it’s a perfect time to spread goodness by sharing a simple token of appreciation for the people you love the most like your family, friends or colleagues. This Valentine’s Day Red Velvet Crinkles recipe is a good one that you can easily bake at home.  We all … Read more

10 Delicious Valentine’s Day Desserts

10 Delicious Valentine’s Day Desserts

We associate Valentine’s Day with love and then what – sweet treats and roses right? Why not try something different this year than the typical store-bought chocolate? Make your loved one or ones one of these delectable Valentine’s Day Desserts for an extra special touch of love. These Valentine’s Day treats are great for Valentine … Read more