10 Cheap Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Strapped for cash this Valentine’s Day or simply on a budget? You’ll be happy to find that Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to break your bank.  I’m sure you know by now that you can have a fun and cheap date. I mean that is how you got here right?

Cheap Valentines Day Date Ideas

Yes, you can easily arrange an affordable date that both you and your significant other will enjoy to the fullest. These cheap Valentine’s Day date ideas are great for couples of a variety of ages and at different stages of your relationship.

Make great memories this Valentine’s Day by choosing one of the 10 cheap Valentine’s Day Date Ideas below. You will be sure to find one that you will enjoy.

1. Cook Dinner Together at Home

valentine dinner

You already have food at home right? So you and your lover can have a great evening cooking together.

Grab two TV dinners just in case you end up having too much fun and letting the dinner burn. This way you can fill up your tank later when you are on E and won’t have to leave the house or end up ordering in.

2. Host a Family and Friends Potluck

family potluck

Not all of us have a date this holiday but that doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. This low-cost Valentine’s Date is a great choice if you don’t want to slave in the kitchen.

Invite everybody over and let them all bring a dish. You can plan dinner by planning and requesting each invitee to bring a particular dish and then you can relax and wait for dinner to arrive.

3. Themed Movie Night Anyone?

themed movie night

Plan a themed movie night based on a character or movie star your SO admires or just choose a movie you will both enjoy. Grab some popcorn or treat you both like and snuggle up in your PJ’s.

They will thoroughly enjoy the movie and your company at home for a quiet night in. This is a great Valentine’s Day date idea for teenage couples but anyone can enjoy a movie night in, themed or not.

4. Hone Skills You Both Enjoy

couple hobby

Is there a hobby you both enjoy to participate in? Why not let your Valentine night be one where you learn something about your hobby so you guys can be better at it together.

You can find tons of YouTube videos on a variety of topics, niches and much more to help you develop your hobby and to deepen your love for your hobby and strengthen the bond between you both.

5. Learn a New Language

how to learn a new language

Well, of course, you can’t learn an entire language in one evening but you can learn some parts. Learn how to flirt with each other in a language of your choice, or make your significant other choose.

You can google particular phrases and practice the pronunciations which should be the most fun part! Imagine all the laughs you will get from him saying stuff the wrong way.

6. Game Night!

game night life

Which game do you and your loved ones like to play? This is a great affordable Valentine’s Date idea for your significant other or for you and your kids, you and your friends or even you and other family members. You can even mix in a game night with your potluck friends and family dinner for hours of fun on Valentine’s Day.

7. Make Playlists

make playlists

This is a great Valentine’s Day date idea for teenage couples but anyone can find their inner teenager and make a playlist too. There is no need for any money as you can create playlists on any music streaming app you already own or even on YouTube for free. Then you can go ahead and dedicate the playlist and share it with the love of your life.

8. Show Some Love at an Animal Shelter

animal shelter help

If you love the little furry pals, a great low-cost valentine’s date is to take a trip to an animal shelter and spend some time giving these abandoned creatures some Valentine’s Day love. This can be a trip you take by yourself if you don’t have a Valentine or if you and your significant other, friends or other family members love animals then you can bring them along too.

9. Go House Hunting

go house hunting

If you are in a serious relationship then plan Valentine’s Day Date for her to go house hunting with you. Don’t tell her your plan for an even more significant surprise – she will be ecstatic especially if you have been talking about moving in together but just haven’t made the move yet.

10. Have a Home Spa Day

home spa day

Why not plan Valentine’s Day date for him or her and pamper your loved one at home on Valentine’s Day? They work hard and you know they deserve it but you can’t afford to send them to the Spa so bring the Spa to them. Light up a couple candles, run them a warm bath, bring out some massage oil or baby oil and then give them a massage.