The Top 10 Epic Party Bus Themes for an Awesome Experience

Want to throw a unique party at your next event? Then the party bus is a good idea that you should consider! Upgrade the celebration with an exciting experience you and your friends will remember forever by renting a party bus! Ready the guestlists now while we introduce you to the joy of getting a party bus and having the best night of your life with these epic party bus themes. 

What is a party bus?

Limousines are a thing of the past, and party buses are taking the party scene with an experience that offers fantastic amenities, privacy, and on-the-go fun that everyone on your guest list will love.  

From the name itself, a party bus is a bus that is decorated and equipped with party essentials that will remind you of a nightclub or disco. In most cases, it offers luxury seating options with black lights, a controllable sound system, video games, TV, overflowing cocktails, red carpet snacks, and even an onboard bathroom that you won’t find in the classic limousine. 

There are many party bus providers in the country already and they have different packages with fun themes that you can choose from according to your event and budget.

What type of event is perfect for Party Bus?

For some parties and events, a limo is fine but for an event where you have more guests, then a limo is out of the options. Here’s a short list of events where a party bus is an ideal option:

  • Birthdays 
  • Bachelor or Bachelorette party
  • Prom or homecoming
  • Fraternity or Sorority events
  • Weddings

Should you hire a party bus?

There are many reasons why you should consider hiring a party bus for your next event, but there are some cons too that may hinder you from booking one. To help you decide, we’ve round up a list of pros and cons:

  • Pros of getting a party bus
    • Amenities – If you’ll compare a party bus to any other vehicle or party option, the amenities that you can enjoy in a party bus will stand out. For a limo, you have limited sitting options and features to enjoy while an in-house party is common and usually lacks the fun. In a party bus, you can enjoy high-quality music, comfy seating options, state-of-the-art party lights, games, and even video or TV options.
    • Space – with a party bus you can invite a bigger group for a fun ride. The number of people that you can invite will depend on the party bus that you’ll get but it can range from 20 to 50 pax.
    • Privacy – a party bus is usually tinted that’s why you can have fun less the worry of peeking eyes from other people. You have your guests and friends, the entertainment of a nightclub, and all but less the crowd that can hinder you from enjoying the night. 
    • Price – Initially you may think that a party bus is more expensive, but if you’ll divide the overhead cost amongst the number of your guest, you’ll get a number that is more budget-friendly compared to other party options. 
  • Cons of getting a party bus
    • Traffic – when acquiring a party bus, you can choose an itinerary or plan your route for the night. But since a bus is usually 35ft to 40ft long, getting around the city can take time especially if the road is busy. 
    • Size – since the party bus is bigger than a regular vehicle, you may experience some issues in areas with smaller or tiny roads. Another con is that even if it’s bigger than a limousine, you still have a maximum number of guests to invite compared to holding a party in an in-house venue. 

10 epic party bus themes for your event

Level up your party bus experience by decorating them with different decorations to match your preferred party theme depending on your event. Here’s a list of the top 10 epic party themes to give you an idea. 

  • Pajama party – spend a comfortable partying in your coziest pajamas or sexiest ensemble with a pajama party bus theme. 
    • Event: bachelorette party, birthday, prom after-party
    • Decorations: cozy pillows, blankets, and stuffed toys
    • Costume: colorful pajamas, bedroom slippers, lingerie for a sexy pajama party
    • Food: go for your favorite midnight snack meals like cookies, popcorn, and pizza
    • Activities: movie marathon, hair braiding, nail coloring 
  • 80s workout party – get the groove on in colorful mood lights and music that will make your guests dance like it’s their last night on earth.
    • Event: bachelor party, birthday, Christmas party
    • Decorations: red carpet, fluorescent colors, funky music, chunky balloons
    • Costume: colorful clothes, tight leggings, big hair, and accessories
    • Food: fruit punch, push-pop candies, White Castle burger
    • Activities: dance workout, Rubik’s cube, fashion show, retro photo session
  • Casino Royale – you’re in for a great time with the Bond-inspired party bus theme featuring black lights, tux, and cocktails. 
    • Event: bachelor party, birthday, prom, fraternity or sorority
    • Decorations: red carpet, gold, and red curtains, playing cards, tux, casino games, and play money or coins
    • Costume: elegant dresses, tux, jewelry, heels, and gold
    • Food: hors d’oeuvres, cocktail, canapes, on-the-rock beverages
    • Activities: poker, classic board games, movie marathon, fashion show
  • Tropical beach party – no need to fly out of the country or visit the beach for a tropical party with your friends. Book a party bus and experience the fun beach party on a bus
    • Event: wedding, bachelorette party, prom, Christmas party, birthday
    • Decorations: beach balls, colored towels, palm trees, coastal colors, flamingo
    • Costume: swimwear, colorful coverups, cotton dresses, nautical apparel
    • Food: grilled food, pineapple desserts, fruit kabobs, slushies
    • Activities: hula hoop, Hawaiian limbo, Pass the coconut
  • Masquerade – for a classic and elegant experience, you can choose this theme for your next party bus. 
    • Event: wedding, bachelor or bachelorette party, homecoming, prom
    • Decorations: elegant fixtures, black lights, red carpet, gold decors, balloons 
    • Costume: cocktail dresses, unique masks, jewelry, tux, heels
    • Food: savory canapes, cakes, ham, cocktail food, petit fours, desserts
    • Activities: silent auction, couple party dance, card games, 
  • Mexican Fiesta – explore a different culture with this theme where you can have fun and enjoy the Mexican way. 
    • Event: homecoming, prom, Christmas party, birthday
    • Decorations: pinatas, colored string lights, flaglets, sugar skulls, papel picado luminaries, fairy lights in bottles
    • Costume: skirts, Mexican flag-inspired colors, ponchos, hats 
    • Food: corn salad, nachos, tacos, salsa, avocado, Huevos Rancheros, burritos, Corona beer, tequila
    • Activities: drinking game, pinata game, bingo, nacho-eating contest
  • Murder Mystery – here’s a challenging party bus theme that will boost everyone’s mood! Gather your murder-mystery-loving friends and invite them to a night of solving puzzles and more!
    • Event: prom, bachelor party, homecoming 
    • Decorations: candles, centerpieces, books, fake murder weapons
    • Costumes: detective, comfy clothes unless you have a particular decade for the murder mystery theme
    • Food: appetizers, canapes, sandwiches, bloody mary, beer, cocktails, 
    • Activities: classic board games, mystery card games, murder mystery role play
  • Karaoke night – get ready to belt out your beautiful voice on a night of singing with this exciting party bus theme. 
    • Event: bachelor or bachelorette, birthday, Christmas party, homecoming
    • Decorations: balloons, gold curtains, musical instrument decors
    • Costumes: there’s no particular dress code for this event but you can ask everyone to wear something comfortable like jeans, colorful tops, and dresses
    • Food: burger, pizza, beers, hotdogs, nachos
    • Activities: first to score a 100, guess the song, stop dance
  • Great Gatsby – experience luxury and elegance with a night where you’ll fly back to the time when the glamorous era of dancing and music is alive. 
    • Event: prom, bachelorette party, Christmas party, 
    • Decorations: pom-poms, art deco banners, gold foil, silver curtains, huge feathers, black, white, and gold balloons
    • Costumes: dark style jackets, straight skirts, flapper dresses, accessories
    • Food: spiced baked hams, salads, lemon cakes, pastry pigs
    • Activities: swing or jazz dancing, cigar exchange, casino or card games
  • Superhero – unleash the inner hero in you and your friends with the fun and quirky superhero-themed party bus. Show off your hidden powers and skills with this party theme that will bring out the kid in you.
    • Event: homecoming, prom, team building, bachelor party
    • Decorations: colorful balloons, comic-like banners, foil curtains
    • Costumes: popular superhero costumes
    • Food: burgers, pizza, fruit punch, candies, sweets
    • Activities: show your superpower, fashion walk, board games, pinata

Where to hire a party bus in the US?

There are many party bus providers in the country. You can choose according to the themes that they are offering, packages, and even the number of attendees that they can accommodate.  Here are some of the party bus companies:

Get ready to party!

Now that you know more about party buses and we’ve given you the top 10 epic party bus themes that you can try, then it’s now time to ready your party list and start planning for a fun night of partying, feasting, and making unforgettable memories with your friends and loved ones.