5 Wildly Cool Crafts for Children for National Children’s Craft Day

national childrens craft day

National Children’s Craft Day is celebrated each year on the 14th of March. March is also National Craft month so it is fitting to have a day mid-month in commemoration of crafts, especially for children. The day is celebrated in an effort to help children to be aware of crafting. Crafting is a great way … Read more

7 Easy Earth Day Activities

earth day activities new

Are you looking for Earth Day activities to partake in this year? Then look no further, we have put together 6 easy activities for adults, kids, and kids at heart. Join the celebration the year of the over 192 countries that celebrate Earth Day every year. Earth day is currently one of the most popular … Read more

3-Way Easter Egg Paper Craft Project

easter egg paper craft

Who doesn’t love the season of Easter? Aside from the resurrection of Jesus Christ, it is a beautiful season filled with colors, cute little bunnies, sweets and creatively decorated eggs! Easter is also a perfect time to showcase your artsy side by creating your very own decorations that you will use to display or adorn … Read more