25 “MUST TRY” Tacos for Cinco de Mayo

Tacos are as Mexican as Cinco de Mayo, well at least it seems so. So what would a great Cinco de Mayo celebration be without the best tacos this side of the border?

25 Best Tacos for Cinco de Mayo

Here are 25 of the best tacos for Cinco de Mayo we have come across the web. Oh wait, let’s not get carried away with the tasty tacos, what is this Cinco de Mayo? Why do we even celebrate it?

Cinco de Mayo History

The term “Cinco de Mayo” is exactly translated to the “fifth of May” which is the day celebrated in the United States. Many believe this is a celebration of Mexico’s independence but it is not.

Mexico, in fact, celebrates their independence on the 16th of September. So what is Cinco de Mayo a celebration of? No, it’s not just about tacos. This celebration is in commemoration of the victory in the Battle of Puebla when the Mexican army defeated Napoleon III’s French Forces.

Now for a brief taco history!

The Mexican taco is believed to have come about in the 19th century in Mexican silver mines. It is thought that “taco de minero” was the first types of tacos and the Spanish literally translates to “miner’s tacos”.

Another type of taco which originated in Mexico were “tacos de pescado” or “fish tacos”. These fish tacos included fried or grilled fish along with cabbage or lettuce, sour cream or a citrus or mayonnaise sauce and pico de gallo which was all placed on a flour or corn tortilla.

So the long and short of taco history is; the Mexican silver miners invented it, the Southwestern Mexican Americans reinvented and Glen Bell at Taco Bell mass-marketed it and now we all love and crave tacos.

Now let’s get to those taco recipes which are perfect for your #TacoTuesday or Cinco de Mayo celebration.

25 Tacos for Cinco de Mayo