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Do you love Christmas, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Thanksgiving or any other holiday for that matter? Then, you’ve come to the most festive spot on the internet!

Let me introduce myself

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I’m Amelia and I live in beautiful San Fransisco with my crazy fun family. And, boy, do we love the holidays. To be fair, I think they just cater to my over the top love of festivities in general. Honestly, I’ll celebrate any holiday! 🙂

I also love to write and have been freelance writing for various publications for the last nine years. After years of writing for other people, I’ve decided to start my own blog this year talking about my favorites things relating to holidays.

Thus, Happy Holiday Hotspot was born! Here, you’ll find delicious recipes, fun games, exciting ideas, cool crafts, and so much more! You guessed it! All posts will relate to a specific holiday for you to enjoy with your friends and family too!

Join me on this adventure

I would love for you to join me on this wild ride by connecting on Facebook and sharing on Pinterest. Your feedback is always welcome!

More to come

This website is still new, and I will be updating it daily. As more articles are published, I’ll expand the directories more and more to make each post easy to find.