5 Easy Flowers to Maintain on National Plant A Flower Day

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National Plant a Flower day is celebrated on the 12th of March. Yes, you read that right – National Plant a Flower Day. The day is dedicated to planting flowers on an annual basis as we look forward to spring.

national plant a flower day

The origins of this holiday are very hard to trace but thankfully your task is quite simple. All you have to do is plant a flower, if you are strapped for time you can simple dedicated sometime that day to tend to some of the plants in your yard.

Let’s celebrate the arrival of spring by maintaining your plants, even the ones in your yard that you never planted and never thought twice about. If you live further north the weather may not allow you to plant or maintain any flowers just yet but you can always plant something in a pot inside and watch it grow as you await the arrival of spring at which time you can place the flower outside.

Don’t know how to plant a flower? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here you can find video instructions on how to plant a flower.

How to plant a flower


Without further ado, here are some of the easiest to maintain flowers that you can plant and maintain without having a green thumb and still watch them thrive.

National Plant A Flower Day



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If you have less than a green thumb you may find some luck planting Daylilies. These perennials are very robust and adaptable. They can live through salt, folding and draughts. They are so adaptable you can plant them and forget about them for the most part and even entirely depending on where they are planted outside. They are very pretty once fully grown and come in shades of orange, yellow, red and purple.

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These beautiful flowers are very easy to take care of and the unsuspecting onlooker would be none the wiser about your inability to properly take care of your plants. These don’t do so well in the cold so you would have to replant them after the winter season or bring them inside during the winter season if any at all possible.

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Ornamental Grass

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If you consider anything with actual petals the type of plants you just don’t want to experiment with then you can try to grow ornamental grass. This will fit your garden well no matter what type of garden you have. There are a number of options available for ornamental grass, so even though there will be no blooms you can still choose something that will add to the aesthetics of your outdoor space.

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These are wildflowers with long season blooms which are a perfect choice for National Flower Day planting. They are low maintenance flowers as they will grow well in a number of different conditions. This is the type of flower you will want if you want something you can plant and pretty much forget most of the time.

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This is a great choice if your yard is very shady. This type of flower is very easy to grow but it loves the shade. It comes in a variety of sizes and shapes. While this plant likes moist soil, you want to ensure you are not overwatering as that would be detrimental to the plant.

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