7 Things about Food that you have Wrong for National Everything You Think is Wrong Day

March 15th is National Everything You Think is Wrong Day – what a mouthful! It is said that this national day was created so people would have one day where they could avoid making decisions. It was also created to show some people that they are not always right contrary to their beliefs.

It is a day where people are urged to not use the words “I think” and instead contemplate how in the grand scheme of things we all know so little.

national everything you think is wrong day

So why don’t you take this National Day to get some data in that noggin? Here are a couple of things about food that you think you know but chances are you have got it all wrong.

1. Fruit Juice is better than Soft Drinks

While fresh fruit juice is a better option you will find that your processed and packaged fruit drinks are not very different from your sugary soft drinks. Some fruit drinks do contain as much sugar as your sodas and have small amounts of fiber so it is quite easy to consume too much sugar from drinking fruit juices.

If you are trying to cut sugar content from your diet you should avoid fruit juices and instead drink water, unsweetened teas and more water.

2. Gluten-Free Means Healthy

Among the many health trends, today is the trend of eating gluten-free. While there are some people who are gluten insensitive or gluten intolerant there are other people who choose this diet as a healthier one.

The truth is a gluten-free diet is not necessarily a healthier one based on the foods you choose. You can still find gluten-free fast food and unhealthy gluten-free foods that are highly processed. These highly processed gluten-free foods are often times worse for you than their less processed counterparts which contain gluten.

3. Meat rots in your colon

This is the furthest thing from the truth. Our bodies are wonderfully made and they will absorb the nutrients from the meat. Meat is broken down and then absorbed into the body.

The waste is eliminated from your body, any small amount of fat and protein left behind after digestion will be eliminated in just the same way.

4. Cereal Commercials Use Actual Milk

Ever considered how white and pretty flawless these cereal adds look? Did you think they were using real milk?

Well in celebration of Everything you think is the wrong day, it is my job to tell you that you are wrong in your thinking. For the majority of cereal commercials, you see a bowl filled with “milk” but this is not actually milk.

Most often the bowl is filled with Styrofoam or shortening which is covered with white glue. The cereal is then placed into the glue. This allows the cereal to remain on top for a perfect photo or video shoot.

5. Peanuts are Nuts

Peanuts are not actually nuts. They grow in a similar fashion to peas and beans in a pod on a vine. As such they are better classified as a legume.

6. Almonds are Nuts

Almonds are another favorite which really isn’t a member of the nut family. They are instead members of the peach family but we all think they are nuts.

As you eat your Almonds on National Everything you think is the wrong Day, think about how you have always considered Almonds nuts.

7.  Hawaiian Pizza was invented in Hawaii

You may think Hawaiian pizza was invented in Hawaii, I mean why else would they name it Hawaiian right? The truth is that this tasty food item was really invented in Canada.

Question: Do pineapples belong on pizza?