National Puppy Day

National Puppy Day is a day to celebrate the love your puppy gives you – that unconditionally magical love. Show them they are special and appreciated this National Puppy Day by taking the time to make them some homemade puppy treats. These healthier options are packed with your hand and love and will be appreciated by your puppy.

National Puppy Day

Outside of treating your own puppies, you may want to spread the love to those puppies that don’t have a loving owner. Share with orphaned puppies and educate the public about the needs of these puppies that are orphaned.

You never know, your word could help find homes for puppies this National Puppy Day. Celebrate this holiday by making a puppy happier even if for just one day.

Pamper your Puppy with These Yummy Homemade Puppy Treats for National Puppy Day

Now for those easy to make puppy treats that will make any puppy tail wagging, face licking happy! Try one of these recipes or try them all and see what the favorite is.

National Puppy Day Treats