National Sloppy Joe Day

On the 18th of March each year we observe National Sloppy Joe Day. This tasty hot sandwich is an All American favorite and is made with the traditional ingredients of ground beef, brown sugar, tomato sauce, onions, maple syrup or cola and seasonings of your choice.

It is often cooked up and served on a roll or hamburger bun and is a dinnertime favorite thanks to its flavor and its fast prep time.

The sloppy joe sandwich has been around for a long time and there are a number of different stories about its origin. However, we know that Hunts created a convenient Manwich in 1969.

Nowadays, we want to eat less processed foods and many families have tweaked the recipe to make it their own to suit their unique tastes. Some add novel ingredients or unusual spices to make their sloppy joe different.

Do you want to have a different type of sloppy joe this National Sloppy Joe Day?

Observe National Sloppy Joe Day by enjoying one of these tasty sloppy joe recipes below:

National Sloppy Joe Day Recipes