Don’t Miss These 5 St. Patrick’s Day Makeup Tutorials

The celebration of St. Patrick’s Day is one that I personally look forward to each year! It is the time where we can celebrate the Irish and have fun wearing green in our outfits and makeup.

st patricks day makeup tutorials

It’s so fun to see other people looking pretty in their green during the celebration. If you want to join the fun and excitement, here are 5 easy St. Patrick’s Day Makeup Tutorials.

1. Green Smokey Eye Makeup

Have you heard of Tina Yong? She is one of the most famous makeup artists on YouTube. She creates beautiful looks in just five simple, easy steps.

This is why many women all over the world use her style. Most of her videos show an easy-to-follow tutorial that can be performed every year.

For St. Patrick’s Day, she used a pop of green for the eye makeup. After that, she used some eyelash extensions for the perfect look.

2. Pop of Green Look

This tutorial will not only give you an idea on how to complete a St. Patrick’s Day Makeup set. At the same time, Carli Bybel, the woman behind the video tutorial, also gives out some tips on the right accessories to use for the celebration.

This is one of the videos that will be worth your time. Dare to be different with her pop of green makeup look.

3. Green Spring Makeup

RuPaul’s Drag Race television show inspires creative makeup looks here. You will love this style because it uses some glitters to highlight the eyes.

For the base eyeshadow, it uses a combination of black and green that somehow complements each other. You need to watch this video if you want to use some glittery green for the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

4. Green and Yellow Combination

For this St. Patrick’s Day makeup video, you are highly encouraged not only to stick with the color green. It is time to level up your creativity and try something new with your look this year.

If you are already tired with wearing the same green eyeshadow for the past St. Patrick’s Day events, then dare to combine it with a yellow palette. This kind of makeup is perfect for brunch and even for clubbing.

If you are going to have this look, make sure to wear something bright to complete your pretty look.

5. Emerald Green

Do you have fair skin? Are you interested in having a look that will make you stand out? If yes, then check this video now.

The emerald green eyeshadow will ultimately help you look good for the entire day. Omabelle created the tutorial for women who have darker skin tones. Check the video now to find out what is the perfect lipstick shade that goes perfectly with the eye makeup.

So what are you waiting for? Choose from these 5 St. Patrick’s Day makeup tutorials above and determine what is the perfect look to go for.