7 Best Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorials

Valentine’s Day is a day when every woman wants to look her best. Even when you don’t have a Valentine you may still be in the mood for going all out with your looks for that day right? Why not take your makeup look up a notch by choosing one of these Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorials?

Best Valentines Day Makeup Tutorials

Here is a nice list of options that will appeal to almost every type of girl, from simple looks with drugstore products to a beat face with high-end brands. Take your pick and if you are not into Valentine’s Day because you don’t have a valentine, we got you – check out that Anti-Valentine’s Day tutorial we picked just for you!

Check out all 7 and try them before Valentine’s Day to see which you love the best. You never know you could be a die-hard Valentine girl that falls in love with the anti-Valentine Makeup look.

Valentine’s Day Simple Glam Tutorial

Glam doesn’t mean you have to have a full face of makeup. In this Valentine’s Day makeup tutorial, you will see how you can affordably and easily glam up without breaking the bank or without doing a whole course in makeup application.

The look is glamorous but still simple so you can pull it off even if you don’t usually wear makeup. This is a great option for the more mature woman, as she calls it in her video – the sultry, sexy, valentine’s vixen look.

Valentine’s Day Bold Red Lips Tutorial

Here is another glam look with a bold red lip and a very neutral eye. This is a great makeup tutorial and you can opt to forego the red lips and choose another lip color that you love.

With the neutral eye makeup that goes along with this look, you will find that it is really easy to match your favorite lip color no matter what you choose. Not only do we love this makeup tutorial for the makeup but we also love her messages of loving yourself if you don’t have a Valentine.

Two Valentine’s Makeup Tutorials in One Video

Catch these two beautiful moms as they take you through their makeup process for their Valentine’s Day look.  The makeup looks are soft and natural, making them a great choice for the more conservative ladies out there.

This tutorial is a fun and chatty one and is ideal for you if you are looking for a more relaxed makeup look that doesn’t require a lot of expertise in makeup application.

Cute Pink Glitter Cut Crease Tutorial

If your best image of Valentine’s Day makeup gives you images of pink and more pink and glitter pink then this is just the kind of makeup tutorial that you are looking for. This is a very girly look and it is very fun to execute as well.

The wow factor of this makeup look is all in the eyeshadow. This look is for the bold girl at heart who likes to make a statement and not afraid to attract attention.

Wow them this Valentine’s Day with this Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial.

Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial for Dark Skin

Here’s a Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial for darker skin tones. This is a great makeup tutorial for beginners at is easy to accomplish and you should have these colors or similar colors in your collection already.

If you have even just one makeup eyeshadow palette you should be able to find colors that make this look work without going out and purchasing more makeup. Make your day/night a special one by changing it up just a little with this simple makeup look.

Chocolate Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial

While everyone thinks of red and pink for Valentine’s Day makeup looks, we all love chocolate right? Why not get some of that chocolate on your face and less in your stomach.

Check out this makeup tutorial that uses brown shades to complete your Valentine’s Day Makeup look. It is a great option as these colors will go well with a number of different skin tones and eye colors.

Anti-Valentine’s Day Tutorial – (Extreme Makeup Tutorial)

This tutorial doesn’t make use of the traditional pink and red hues that we all associate with Valentine’s Day. It can be worn by those who celebrate the holiday but who don’t want to be in the pink, red and white uniform and want to instead do something different. This makeup look makes use of dark purple and black to produce a sultry, grungy look which is still quite striking and beautiful.