Anti-Valentine’s Day Right/Left Gift Exchange Game

Some people are not fans of Valentine’s Day. Celebrate their loathing of “Single Awareness Day” with this hilarious game! Pass out door prizes or gag gifts and have guests sit in a circle with the gifts.

Anti-Valentines Day Game

Read the story aloud and instruct guests to pass their gifts to the RIGHT or LEFT as the story prompts. The gift they are holding at the end of the story is the one they open and keep!

Anti-Valentine’s Day Game Script

Are you single RIGHT before Valentine’s Day? Are you tired of your Aunt Shirley trying to fix you up with Mr. or Mrs. RIGHT who she met RIGHT as she LEFT her podiatrist? Do you feel like a LEFT-over coconut-filled bon-bon? No one ever wants those.

Then do I have the RIGHT product for you! Introducing the newest addition to our line of trusted pesticides and stain removal sprays: Anti-Valentine Personal Repellant!

Just spray the repellant RIGHT over yourself. Be sure to cover your entire LEFT-side and non-LEFT-side. Use it all! Make sure no repellant is LEFT in the bottle. Once completed, all manner of Valentine related pests are LEFT outside an impenetrable barrier of disgust and resistance to peer pressure.

Now, you’ll no longer be LEFT smelling like a chocolate factory when you go the grocery store. The scent of Valentine sweets just rolls RIGHT off!

Anti-Valentine Personal Repellant also has a patented formula that quells the gag reflex you get LEFT with every time you pass the display of glittery cards with syrupy-sweet declarations written on them.

Call RIGHT now and we’ll also send you a can of our Anti-Valentine Room Refresher. Spray it anywhere you wish to LEFT alone. It’s safe for electronics and can be used on the television to rid all channels of romantic comedies and those annoying “very special” Valentine episodes.

Room Refresher can be used to clear Facebook of mushy posts from friends and instant messages LEFT from Aunt Shirley to remind you that Alex from the produce department is single again.

Anti-Valentine Personal Repellant is the most effective way to be LEFT in peace on Valentine’s Day. Just listen to these customer testimonials!

“I bought AVPR last year RIGHT after New Year’s. It’s been a sanity saver! Before, I never would have LEFT my house during the entire month of February. Now I’m free! Who in their RIGHT-mind wouldn’t buy this?”

“I received the spray as a gag gift last Christmas. I decided to give a try this Valentine’s Day and I sure was RIGHT to do so! The whole day passed without so much as a hint of gas-station roses or conversation hearts LEFT over from last year.”

Call RIGHT now to try Anti-Valentine Personal Repellant for 10 days. If you’re not completely satisfied, just send back whatever is LEFT in the bottle and we’ll only charge you for the shipping and handling.

What do you have LEFT to lose except commercials for ridiculous bouquets of chocolate-covered strawberries? Who buys those things?

If you order RIGHT now, we’ll send you not one bottle of AVPR, but two! We’re not sure why you would need two since you’re single and all, but why not? Supplies are limited and there are not many bottles LEFT so hurry and make that call!

The number is 1-888-VAL-AWAY.

Don’t get LEFT with regret and pity presents from Aunt Shirley. Call RIGHT now! Operators are standing RIGHT by the phones.