5 Wildly Cool Crafts for Children for National Children’s Craft Day

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National Children’s Craft Day is celebrated each year on the 14th of March. March is also National Craft month so it is fitting to have a day mid-month in commemoration of crafts, especially for children.

The day is celebrated in an effort to help children to be aware of crafting. Crafting is a great way to spark a child’s imagination. Having a creative mind is also a great way to help them to develop into responsible adults.

national childrens craft day

You will find that there are many activities you can involve your children in for craft month. Many craft store hold classes all month allowing parents to get their children involved. Plan your crafts ahead and buy affordable supples in bulk.

Here are a couple of wildly cool crafts for Children for National Children’s Craft Day that they will thoroughly enjoy.

National Children's Craft Day


Nebula Jar

Photo Credit: www.momdot.com

Ever heard of a Nebular Jar or a Galaxy Jar? This is a great craft your kids will enjoy especially if they like science. The list of items needed to create this craft item is short. You will need a jar that can be screwed shut, some water, fine glitter, and paint and cotton balls.

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Cosmic Sun Catchers

Photo Credit: babbledabbledo.com

This is a great last minute craft to put together as you can make it in just 5 minutes. That is excluding the time it takes to dry though. This craft idea for National Children’s Craft Day is a great idea for children who have a short attention span. It is made from recycled materials so it is an eco-friendly craft. You will need white glue, food coloring, toothpicks, plastic lids, a hole punch, and some string.

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Crystal Flowers

Photo Credit: www.pinkstripeysocks.com

Got some artificial flowers around the house that could take a nice makeover? This craft idea is a perfect choice for the girls and for all those who just simply love pretty things. Not only is this a great craft idea but it is a functional one as well that will last for years in your home. For this craft, you will need fake flowers, borax, water, pencils, string, spoons, tape, paper towels, and containers.

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Balloon Dart Art

Photo Credit: www.hellowonderful.co

This is a great National Children’s Craft Day idea for the kids to create something nice and also have some outdoor fun as well. Children will enjoy watching the paint splatter producing colorful and bright abstract paintings which they can sign their names to. For this craft, you will need small balloons, a balloon pump, washable paint, plastic darts, thumbtacks, drop cloth to catch the mess and canvases for each child.

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Rainbow Sky Bottle

Photo Credit: kidscraftroom.com

This is a nice sensory bottle which will go well with a theme of spring, summer or St. Patrick’s Day so it can be used way pass National Children’s Craft Day. These bottles can be used for teaching kids about weather and can be used as musical instruments when shaken. They are a great multipurpose craft that can be used time and time again by the kids. For this craft, you will need plastic bottles for each child, uncooked white rice, acrylic paint, toilet paper rolls, rainbows, and cotton balls.

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