National Spinach Day

National Spinach Day is celebrated on the 26th of March each year. For many of us when we think of spinach – Popeye comes to mind. The younger ones won’t know who Popeye is but it was a fun cartoon that showed this tiny meager man getting strength from eating a can of spinach. It … Read more

National Quilting Day

Have you ever done any quilting? Quilting is a great way to pass the time, it is fun and relaxing and it allows you to create a handmade item that can be used to brighten someone’s life. We all know how gifts that are handmade usually have an extra sentiment towards it. So this National … Read more

National Chip and Dip Day

National Chip and Dip Day

National Chip and Dip Day are celebrated on the 23rd of March each year. This is a very popular holiday as it combines two of the most loved food items used as appetizers across the country. This dish is so popular because of how easy they are to prepare and how versatile they are. We’re … Read more

National Sloppy Joe Day

On the 18th of March each year we observe National Sloppy Joe Day. This tasty hot sandwich is an All American favorite and is made with the traditional ingredients of ground beef, brown sugar, tomato sauce, onions, maple syrup or cola and seasonings of your choice. It is often cooked up and served on a … Read more

National Puppy Day

National Puppy Day

National Puppy Day is a day to celebrate the love your puppy gives you – that unconditionally magical love. Show them they are special and appreciated this National Puppy Day by taking the time to make them some homemade puppy treats. These healthier options are packed with your hand and love and will be appreciated … Read more

National Ravioli Day

National Ravioli Day is celebrated annually on the 20th of March. This food holiday is loved by pasta lovers everywhere. It is often fried or baked but there is toasted ravioli as well which was started in St. Louis, Missouri. Enjoy Ravioli any day of the year as this traditional Italian filled pasta can be … Read more